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Opening Night 2022!
Crumrine  Memorial
Opening Night 2022!

Opening Night 2022!

3/2/2022 -
Join us for Opening Night 2022. Races start at 5:30 pm
Crumrine  Memorial

Crumrine Memorial

3/2/2022 -
44 Laps for Most Divisions. More details to come

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Racing recap: 9/7

Racing recap: 9/7

BARBERTON SPEEEDWAY: With championship night looming, only two races remained in the 2019 season and business was picking up. Drivers and crews thrashed to squeeze any more time out of their cars to make them even more competitive. Whether it was searching for more points on their competition, getting a good finish or a win for bragging rights, or simply get ready for cavalcade season, drivers knew that they had to work hard to impress. With Halloween night on deck, there was more than simply winning on the minds of everyone. Fan interaction, which is quite important for the growth of the sport, was a big factor tonight. Drivers could park their cars on track and provide candy and hero cards to fans. This meant they had to be clean through hotlaps, qualifying, and the heats to make sure they could get to this point if they wanted to inspire fans. A lot was riding on today, and a beautiful day topped off what was going to be a great day for everyone that entered the gates of Barberton Speedway.

On hand first in a slightly different six-division running order was the compact division and 2018 champion Sheldon Sommers bested his father, Doug in a finish for the ages. When the field pulled on to the track and took the Ed Tenney green flag, Mike Tulley and Sierra Stewart brought the action from the get-go. Stewart took the lead from Kennedy on lap one from the outside and set sail from the field. While she led the feature, her competition began to shake up as Clayton Oliver, Doug Sommers, and points leader Tim Farrar had worked from their respective starting spots to positions 2-3-4. Oliver began to apply the pressure on Stewart but could not get the drive off the corner to pass her. While that duo began to turn the wick up on the action for first, the first yellow flew for the field when the engine expired on the Tim Farrar #59 machine. After a lengthy cleanup, the race was ready to restart. Stewart and Oliver brought the field to speed, but they made contact on the back stretch sending Stewart nose first into the wall, ending her night, and messing up some suspension parts on Oliver’s car. After the caution, the race once again resumed and it was second in points, Doug Sommers looking to capitalize on Farrar’s woes. He took the lead and began to log laps in clean air. While he led, he had a bumper full of his son, Sheldon. Sheldon had hunted his father down and was poised to take the lead and he did so with just a few laps to go. Sheldon would survive one final caution and subsequent restart with four laps to go and take home the win over his father. While Farrar had a rough week, the lead he had made in the points battle looks to be large enough to not be toppled. The 2010 champion looks to have another championship this decade.

Up next was the Street Stock division and Jeff Kuykendall took home the win after owning much of the second half of the feature. When the race started, the all-female front row of Nicole Hrdlicka and Natalie Collier brought the field to speed. Collier took sole possession of the lead and logged the first two laps as the leader until she would get passed by Cyler Bertram. Bertram would lead from there up until the first yellow at lap nine after a scary moment involving Gary Hoopingarner. Hoopingarner’s #68 went full speed into turn three with what looked like a stuck throttle. Thankfully, he was able to get the car woed up and missed the wall by less than nine inches. On the restart, Bertram cut a tire and had to pit which moved Tim Schmitt and Greg Barnard into first and second place. The cut in Bertram’s tire drew the yellow and set up Schmitt and Barnard for a restart once again on lap ten. On that restart, Barnard and Schmitt made contact sending Schmitt spinning down the back stretch. Schmitt took blame and went to the back. Barnard stayed up front and ran away with the race on the next restart. He would lead up until the halfway flags when he would be passed by Kuykendall. Kuykendall set sail and took home a pretty convincing win. Bertram looks to have his first championship locked up as he made up many points in this feature against his closest competition, Gary Hoopingarner.

The Late Models were up and points leader Doug Sommers would not be denied for this one. When the race started, Dave Martin and Dino Campolito brought the field to speed. The race wouldn’t even make it a full lap as Campolito would spin out causing a stack up in turn two. After the issue was resolved, Martin brought the field to green again and looked quite sporty. The 40+ year veteran of the sport looked to have a piece capable of winning and began to pull from his competition. Just as it looked like he would have this race put away early, Doug Sommers began to reel Martin in. As Martin began developing a push, Sommers would pass him on lap nine and set sail. Sommers, running a conservative, yet methodical, race pulled from his competition and owned the event. While he led, 2011 champion Jesse Adams made it to second place and began to reel in Sommers. Adams tried to time lap traffic right as Sommers lost some time in lap traffic which arrested his momentum slightly and brought the deficit to within three seconds with five laps to go. Unfortunately for Adams, time ran out and Sommers drove off with the win, essentially locking up his championship bid in 2019.

Bandoleros, typically first on the night, went fourth this week and Racin’ Mason Surgener kept the perfect season alive as he took another win in a wild photo finish against Ryan Bille. When the green flag fell, newcomer Joel Smith, also from Michigan, took the early lead of the event and led the opening two laps. Smith would be passed by Surgener on lap three and Surgener would pull away to an amazingly large lead. Smith would fall back into the clutches of Ryan Bille and get passed after five laps of battle. A yellow shortly after allowed Bille, Smith, and company to bunch up behind Surgener and restart with just five laps to go. Surgener would command the final five laps but Bille would get a good run on Surgener coming to the checkers. The duo crossed the line side by side but would get locked together sending both hard into the wall. Surgener was ahead at the line and won, granted the event occurred after they had crossed the finish line. With this win, Surgener looks to have the championship in this division, which will be his first!

The Modifieds were on hand and ‘Redemption’ was the name of the game for winner Bryce Allensworth. Tom Moran and Roger Miller brought the field to green and Miller pulled away with the lead and logged laps as the leader up until the first caution for the blown motor of John White, who was second in points. After the cleanup, Norm Taylor would wrestle the lead from Miller and looked to have yet another win in the bag. Taylor owned much of the first half of the feature event as he had what appeared to be a comfortable lead. Just as Taylor and crew were ready to pop the cork on a good race, the unthinkable occurred. Taylor began to develop a push in the corners and began to lose ground to second place Bryce Allensworth. Allensworth sized Taylor up and took the lead off of turn two with ten laps to go. He would lead Taylor through the final caution with seven to go and took home the win. Ironically, Allensworth owned much of last week’s feature and lost the lead with ten to go. This week, he took the lead with ten to go and picked up where he left off. Points leader Dave Dobbins also had a good run and appears to have his first championship locked up as his closest competition lost much ground this week.

Last on the night was the Legends feature and it was a heavyweight battle between young guns Anthony Price and winner Caleb Heady. When the green flag flew, Chuck Witt and Derik Gacom led the field to green. Gacom took sole possession of the lead and began to log laps in the lead. While Gacom owned the first few laps, he would get spun by Tristan Borkoski. Borkoski would take blame for the incident and fell toward the back. Gacom stayed up front but would get passed by Anthony Price, the points leader. Price would lead as Heady, Richard Price and Sam Butler sat in positions 2-3-4 behind him. A short yellow for a spin in the back set up a restart between two teams. The inside line had the Price Racing cars, and the outside line had the MPM Performance cars and the restart was electric! Price worked hard to hold the inside line as Heady held the outside line. The two young drivers showed maturity far beyond their years as they never touched and eventually Heady would prevail over Price. Heady led as Butler would pass Price as well. Coming to the checkers, Heady went high in turn three, opening up the door for Butler. Butler drover alongside Heady and the duo began drag racing toward the checkers. At the line, it was Heady winning by three inches and capping off one incredible night of racing! Price’s finish gave him quite a bit of points and it looks to be his first championship win if next week goes smoothly.


1-Sheldon Sommers
2-Doug Sommers
3-Scott Kitchen
4-Dustin Wyckoff
5-Cody Collmar*
6-Chase Skeens*
7-Paul Mangum
8-Mike Tulley
9-Billy Miller
10-Chad Greenland
11-Noah Patterson
12-Clayton Oliver
13-Sierra Stewart
14-Tim Farrar
15-Jerry Ward

Street Stocks-
1-Jeff Kuykendall
2-Greg Barnard*
3-Cyler Bertram
4-Jim Raines III
5-Tim Schmitt
6-Gary Hoopingarner
7-Natalie Collier
8-Nicole Hrdlicka
9-Jeff Mundell

Late Models-
1-Doug Sommers*
2-Jesse Adams
3-Aaron Prater
4-Jeff Taylor
5-Larry Baker
6-Dino Campolito*
7-Roger Smith
8-Jon Perkins
9-Dave Martin
10-Dave Kalb
11-Dwain Willis
12-Rick Grudier

1-Mason Surgener*
2-Ryan Bille
3-Madison Lengyel
4-Joel Smith
5-Killian McMann
6-Ryan Gardner
7-Steve Mitch
8-Ayden Kitchen

1-Bryce Allensworth
2-Norm Taylor
3-Dave Dobbins
4-Roger Miller*
5-Shawn Lewis
6-Doug Mate
7-Bob Sibila
8-Tom Moran
9-Nick Grubbs*
10-Mike Walsh
11-Christian Bailey
12-Steve Jones
13-Ron Ridenour
14-Wayne Mounts
15-Mick Macko
16-John White
17-Dan Winger

1-Caleb Heady
2-Sam Butler
3-Tristian Borkoski*
4-Anthony Price
5-Austin Tapia
6-Chris Breads
7-Derik Gacom
8-Rick Price
9-Chuck Witt

Article and pictures provided by Bill McKinney and Christie Hrdlicka.

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