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Opening Night 2022!
Crumrine  Memorial
Opening Night 2022!

Opening Night 2022!

3/2/2022 -
Join us for Opening Night 2022. Races start at 5:30 pm
Crumrine  Memorial

Crumrine Memorial

3/2/2022 -
44 Laps for Most Divisions. More details to come

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Demo Derby & Trailer Race: Entry Instructions and Rules

Demo Derby & Trailer Race: Entry Instructions and Rules

Participant guidelines for the Night of Destruction 8/10

**All potential participants must use our Facebook page to let us know you're planning to enter so that enough pit parking spots can be cleared and payouts can be set.

**A regular adult general admission ticket is all you need to purchase for entry. Upon arrival, tell the parking attendants you're participating in the derby or trailer race and you'll be guided to the proper place in the pits.

**We reserve the right to deny admission or cap the number of entries. Another reason to not wait: we expect the event to sell out during the first week of August, and once the tickets are sold the fire department will not allow us to let another person in! Payouts determined once entrants are finalized.

**All persons in your vehicle/trailer entering that night need their own ticket. Those tickets can be purchased online, in person at Holub or Shaker's, or at the Speedway on 7/27 or 8/3.

**Demo derby participants must pass pit inspection by 6 pm night of the event.


This derby is for economy, front wheel drive demo derby cars. Any compact or mid-sized front wheel drive car will be allowed. .

All glass must be removed from car. No glass in bottom of doors. Glass falling from car results in immediate DQ and removal from track. All moldings, trim, lights & fiberglass must be removed prior to arrival. No loose material in car at all.

All interior must be removed except the driver's seat and dash. Dash pad will be permitted.

All cars must have a number at least 24” tall & easy to read on both doors and roof. A roof number tin is mandatory ( min 12”X15”) don’t cut out roof. No profanity or suggestive drawings or pictures. Drivers name is optional, but encouraged.

Doors must be chained and/or welded. Must have working seat belt. No reinforcing the car structure. Must have factory windshield. Airbags must be removed. All hood latch and deck latch must be removed and hood pins installed.

Batteries are recommended to be mounted inside car and properly covered.

Each car must have an up to date fire extinguisher mounted in the car.

Two holes no smaller than 10” square or 10” diameter must be cut in hood over manifold area to allow access with a fire extinguisher in case of a fire.

Firesuits are recommended, but all drivers must wear long sleeves, pants, helmets and gloves.

Judges' decisions are final. NO EXCEPTIONS

Demo derby participants must pass pit inspection by 6 pm night of the event.

For further questions or clarifications call Mike at 330.603.5595.


We will allow four wheel drive trucks and SUVs in the trailer races.

Any van, SUV, or pickup truck is eligible. NO RACECARS. No cars.

Shoulder and lap belt required. Helmet, long sleeve shirts and pants and gloves are mandatory. Firesuit and gloves are recommended. All glass, except front windshield, lights and mirrors must be removed.

Overall trailer length: 14ft minimum and 20ft maximum. Trailer cannot be rigged to self-destruct, leaving only a frame to continue racing, all trailers must be able to race without falling apart. If a trailer is rigged, that driver will be disqualified.

Travel trailer/pop-up camper, boat, or whatever on a trailer is eligible.

Boats must be strapped to trailer. Boats must be gutted. No motors, fuel tanks or out drives allowed.

Travel trailer/campers must be completely cleaned out inside, removing everything that is not part of unit (i.e. pots, pans, clothes, silverware, trash household items, or anything that is not a permanent part of trailer as manufactured. Pop-ups must be raced in fully extended popped up position.

All appliances and heating/cooling units must be removed.

Glass must be removed.

Tongue must be attached to tow vehicle by hitch and ball, free pivoting. Safety chains and equalizer bars are not allowed.

Ballast or weight cannot be added.

Mascots, decorating vehicles, advertising nicknames, cartoon, etc. are encouraged. No suggestive language, symbols, or numbers allowed on vehicles. Anything on the vehicle in bad taste will mean disqualification.

Carnage is welcome but within discretion. Please consider the safety of the fans and other drivers.

The object of the race: Finish race with your trailer attached while trying to separate the trailers of your competitors from their vehicle. If you lose your trailer, you will be disqualified and you will be black flagged. If you hit another tow vehicle with your vehicle, you will be disqualified immediately. The last vehicle-trailer combo alive or the leader of the last lap will be considered winner.

See you August 11 at Barberton Speedway!

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